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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  October 19, 2014 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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now at 11. u-s federal officials are stepping up efforts to contain ebola. announcing revised protocols for health care workers treating ebola patients. good evening. i'm grant lodes. in for vicki liviakis. kron-4's scott rates joins us tonight. scott we're also learning that both the texas hospital and the family of the nurse who was infected there are talking tonight. the dallas hospital that treated thomas eric duncan for ebola apologized this morning that hospital issuing a letter saying that they made mistakes in duncan's case. now have just learned in the past few minutes that the family of amber vinson the nurse who was infected in dallas has just put out a statement saying "to be clear, in no way was amber careless prior to or after her exposure to mr. thomas eric duncan. she has not and would not knowingly expose herself or anyone else."
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we are expecting to see changes as soon as tomorrow. federal health officials say new protocols for health care workers treating ebola will include protective gear with no skin showing. that's important because there has been talk out there about the healthcare workers being venerable because part of their skin was showing. so that along with the defense department preparing a 30-person military quick strike team that includes 20 nurses and five infectious disease specialists. so we are expecting a lot of changes. a man is in the hospital tonight.shot multiple times in a drive by shooting.
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kron 4's alecia reid is in antioch where, after getting shot on san jose drive near buchanan road, the driver lost control of his car, causing an accident. nats - the rounds were like bap bap bap bap. and they were loud. in the middle of the day, gunshots ring out, then witnesses see the driver of this car lose control plowing through the fence.
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sot - i heard about 5-7 rounds load off. emergency services pry 23 year old dominique deonte watkins from his car, apply a neck brace, and rush him to the hospital. sot - i heard the cops come and they said it was something like a driveby. at least 2 bullet holes were spotted in back of the driver's seat. police say watkins was shot multiple times. and although he was able to speak to officers at the scene, refused to assist with the investigation. sot - it kinda makes me feel unsafe because the stray bullets can kill somebody. before breaking the fence and hitting the wall, the victim hit this white car that was parked on san jose drive. the owner came outside to see her car totalled. sot - it makes me feel bad that i'm living in this situation. authorities say the victim was shot in oakland back in september, and is still recovering from those injuries. he is said to have an extensive
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criminal history with outstanding narcotics and weapons violations. standup watkins' mother, who lives in the area, was with him shortly before the shooting. we're told he is in critical condition. reporting in antioch. caltrans repairs to the western span of the bay bridge are being put on hold. steel plates caused gridlock on friday. the toll plaza was a virtual parking lot. and the delays ran from the early morning well into the evening. kron four's dan rubin has been on this story for the past the three days.and tells us commuters will notice a difference tomorrow. caltrans tried to repair a section of the bay bridge, and they're trying to make it right after creating traffic gridlock on friday. however, there could be more bumps in the road up ahead. people driving on the upper deck of the bay bridge were caught off guard by new bumps in the road. caltrans had the best intentions when they put in the hiccup. repairs were ordered.
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temporary steel plates were installed. drivers went heavy on the breaks. the drive was so unbearable, the agency reversed course. after the plates were removed early saturday. the bridge had almost entirely smoothed out. almost. better for now. but more bumps in the road could lie ahead. in the meantime. returning the commute to normalcy should not compromise anyone's safety. caltrans officials are meeting on monday to discuss those options. most, if not all of them, will include lane closures or at least lane alterations so we could see more delays in the future, certainly, for the bay bridge.
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reporting at the bay bridge, dan rubin, kron four news. the world series is less than 48 hours away.and today the giants traveled to kansas city. the team had their last workout yesterday at at&t park.before leaving town today. manager bruce bochy says having two wild card teams in the world series is pretty special. he also says madison bumgarner and jake peavy will start games one and two.there are no changes to the giants starting rotation. game 1 is secheduled for tuesday night in kansas city. then game 2 in k.c. the giants will return to a-t- and-t park for game 3 on friday, game four saturday and game five sunday. if necessary. first pitch for every game in the series is scheduled for 5:07. coming up. a record breaking year for lotto tickets.what officials say is drawing in big sales. the u-s military deals isis and heavy blow. and for the first time.american forces are delivering weapons and ammo to kurdish fighters on the ground. unemployment rates dropping throughout the state.with some of the lowest average rates right here in the bay area.
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new signs of economic recovery in the bay area. state officials say marin and san mateo counties had the lowest unemployment rates in the bay area last month. in fact, *all bay area counties had lower unemployment levels than the state average. marin had a 3-point-9 percent unemployment rate. while san mateo was 4-point-1 percent. california's jobless rate dipped to 7-point-3 percent in september. compared to 8-point-8 percent at the same time last year. a san jose café is still waiting for someone to claim their winning lotto ticket. the ticket - worth over two hundred thousand bucks - was bought at the gio hoe may café on senter road. california lottery officials say 20-14 was a record breaking year for lottery sales. over five billion dollars in tickets were sold. the california lottery director says it could be because they're having bigger jackpots. but even with people clamoring to win. more than twenty million dollars in winnings is still unclaimed. still ahead.
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the latest on the death investigation of missing virginia student hannah graham. and the link between the man in custody and the death of another student in the area. a move to increase crime tracking technology throughout the bay area. where the bullet deetcting devices are being installed. - ( helicopter whirring ) - ( roars ) ( siren wails ) ( pop music playing ) ♪ when you're ready ♪ ready, ready, ready
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reducing gun shot at a
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time. thanks to a partnership between "p-g-and-e" and san francisco.the city will soon be a little safer. kron 4's annie andersen explains how technology is being used to fight violent crime. "san francisco police department will be installing another 35 gunshot tracking devices on its utility poles." in 2008 the city installed some in the more violent neighborhoods. along with san francisco oakland, east palo alto, san pablo, redwood city and richmond also use the gunshot locator technology. the sound sensitive devices are attached to light and telephone poles. if a gun is shot the device immediately sends information to an information center which analyzes the data. the technology units can pinpoint where the shootings happened to within 40 feet. after that is done law enforcement is called to respond to the shooting. all that takes less than a minute from the time the gun was fired. "last year sfpd tried to install more of the tracking devices but with pg and e charging 15- hundred dollars for each installation that plan was put on hold, now pg and e has agreed to lower that cost to just 200 to 400
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dollars allowing the installation to start right away." virginia investigators continue looking for clues into the death of hannah graham. the clause already increasing for rain tomorrow morning. with showers lasting into the afternoon. here is a live look for a storm tracker. right now the rain well-off to the north. by around eight to 9:00 we will see it move into the bay area. showers moving into the north bay. at around 9:00 i think will
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see a fairly good dose of sunshine as we get later into the day. temperatures will be cooler with the system coming and by about 5 to 10 degrees. mid-60s to low 70's. it should warmup more into tuesday wednesday and thursday. right now there is a small chance for a little bit of rain next weekend with the world series back in town. investigators called off the search for graham yesterday. after finding human remains in a remote area near charlottesville. graham was last seen in september with a man following her. that man. jesse matthew. is in custody.charged with graham's kidnapping. police say matthew has also
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been forensically linked to the death case of virginia tech student morgan harrington. she had gone missing outside of charlottesville five years ago. but was later found dead at a nearby farm. for the first time.the u-s military is dropping weapons and ammunition to kurdish forces fighting with isis in syria. u-s officials say the weapons were dropped in the city of isis works to take over that key border city near turkey. but the americans have stepped up their airstrikes in kobani -- 11 of them overnight. the islamic group left 70 a syrian hospital near rock-kah. that city was taken over by isis last year. also, many kurds who have left the battle are gathered just but some are refusing to leave the area because they fear they'll never make it back. keene state college students are cleaning up from a chaotic weekend. after parties near an annual pumpkin festival in new hampshire turned violent. dozens of people were injured and at least 49 people were arrested. between friday and sunday morning. crowds overturned cars. set fires. and threw bottles at police.
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authorities used riot gear and tear gas to bring crowds under control. students say visitors from out of town were largely to blame for the riots. new hampshire's governor says she will continue to monitor the situation. hist fit tolast night we told you about shelter dogs named after giants players. draft well, some of those dogs got a big home run. draft well, some of those dogs got a big home run. ♪ ♪ first impressions are important. you've got to make every second count. banking designed for the way you live your life.
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the s-p-c-a in monterey county says bochy, crawford and posey found forever homes today. they are still looking to find homes for panda, ishikawa, pence and peavy. so if you are looking to add a furry friend to your family. this is a great time for giants fans. starting tomorrow, you can pay for items with your new iphone 6. apple says its new mobile payment system -- apple pay -- will launch on monday. the feature lets iphone 6 and iphone 6 plus users. spend money at participating stores. it uses their phones' fingerprint scanner -- and holding the device up to the
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register. the system is already preloaded into the phones. apple says about five hundred banks will support apple pay. and many retailers have signed on, including bloomingdale's, macy's, mcdonald's, staples and whole foods. the cabinet had a great game as rack. forge touchdowns the niners drop 423 and without loss. with the buyback have an extra week to see what what marked wrong.
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kafka cardinals win 24 to the
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routin13. the browns in cleveland. transact in the world series. party check up roffman stadium in kansas city. during the season the
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royals swept the series. bouchard's party six games into this season but nobody even knows about. todd mcclellan are at madison square garden taking on the rangers. final score for nothing sharks moves. the sharks are now four and two on the season.
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that's it for the kron 4 news at 11. stay connected with kron 4 and get latest news at kron 4 dot com. or download one of our mobile apps. we'll see you tomorrow morning!
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